• Logon to Migration Migration using your username and password. You will see the projects page.


  • In Projects, Go to create (top right)


  • Name your Project
  • Enter your email server source and destination addresses.

            For example https://emaildomain.com or https://emaildomain.com/owa


  • If you know an administration level login for the source or destination email server you can enter this rather than adding a username and password for each user.

Please note, using admin credentials may require permission changes on the email servers (to enable access to the mailboxes) and will require a basic understanding of Microsoft Powershell/Exchange management shell. This setting can be left un-ticked if you plan to use user credentials to login to the mailboxes. You will find articles within our knowlesdge base on how to enable the pemissions for admin level migrations. Please contact our heldesk for further assistance with admin level access permissions if required.


  • You also get the options to filter emails by date and select which items you wish to migrate.




In most cases, Items that are modified frequently by users for example calendar entries, contacts and tasks should be copied as late as possible in the migration process. you can do this by switching items On or off as per the screenshot above

  • Click Create. 


  • You will then get an option to upload a CSV file or create the mailboxes individually.


  • If you choose to upload a CSV you will be displayed a box asking you to browse to the file you wish to upload. At the bottom of the box is a link to a template example of the file format required.

Please Note. If using a CSV file to import users please use the verify option from the main projects (Home) page before running your migration. This checks that the details you have entered for each mailbox are valid.  This is important to prevent paying for mailbox migrations with incorrect used ID's. After the migration is started user ID,s can not be changed.

  • If you choose to enter the mailboxes details manually a box asking for the source and destination account details will be displayed.


  • After entering the details for the destination account, click add. If the account details are incorrect the system will show an error for the source, destination or both.


  • If you added your mailbox manually and would like to add additional mailboxes before starting the project click on the project's name (to view the projects mailbox page) and click the create icon to add more mailboxes.

  • You have successfully setup a mailbox migration project!!
  • Now run the project from the main projects page by selecting the project and clicking START


  • Alternatively, schedule the project to run at certain times using the scheduler from the projects "manage" menu


  • Each project can be run up to 10 times before extra mailbox passes are required (to run selected or all mailboxes within a project again).  mailboxes and Extra mailbox passes can be purchased online by clicking the "Buy now " option.

  • Mailboxes can be activated and deactivated within a project by clicking on the green box on the Mailbox page. This is handy if you want to run the project again but only for some mailboxes or you have selected mailboxes you would like to use the "Extra mailbox passes" against if you run out of project passes.

Important note. 

When planning your migration please remember that Migration Monster is a "migration" system and not a "synchronisation" system. Migration Monster remembers what items have been migrated to the destination. If you delete items on the destination and then run the project again it will not attempt to re-migrate them unless you delete the mailbox within the Migration Monster project, delete the entire project or run the Clean Migration option from the mailbox view. In this situation, we would also recommend you delete and re-create the destination mailbox to prevent duplicates at the destination.

Please raise a ticket if you need any help with your migration.


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