Here is a quick rundown of Migration Monster buttons/links and what they do:

The above area is where most of the options are located:-


Start - After selecting a specific (or all projects) click start to get them running.

Stop - This stops the project. This may take a shortwhile if the system is busy.

Retry Errors - This will re-run the project but only to retry and correct errors. It will not run the whole project.

Verify - Checks that it's possible to login to each user account within the project.

Create - Allows you to create a new project.

Manage - Allows you to Edit the project details, schedule a project to run at specific times and delete projects.


From the active column, you can click on the number to show the mailboxes

From the  the project name, click to view the mailboxes within the project.

From the Error column, you can view the errors for the project. This includes system errors as well as errors relating to specific mailboxes. To see just mailbox related errors go to the mailbox page where the mailboxes are listed.

From the report column, you can view the projects status report. Please be aware, this report includes errors for non-transferable items like meeting confirmations.


From the errors column you can view the errors reported for the whole project including system wide errors by clicking on the number in the error column. 

Please note, viewing errors from the mailbox page will not show system wide errors like this view. The majority of errors seen in this field usually relate to mailbox corruption issues.

The above view is from the top left-hand side of the projects view.

Tick box

Select the tick box to carry out actions against the ticked project.


Click on the project name to view the mailboxes within the project.


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