Please find below the types of migrations you can carry out with Migration Monster:-

When planning your migration please remember that Migration Monster is a "migration" system and not a "synchronisation" system. This means that once an item has been migrated across it will not be copied again (unless the "Clean Migration" option is taken from the mailbox page, enabling everything to be copied again).  

Items that are modified frequently by users for example calendar entries and contacts should be copied as late as possible in the migration process. 

If you are performing an Office 365 tenant to tenant migration and plan to move your current domain, please review this article by clicking here

If you would like to discuss migration options with us please email on .

Full Migration

If you plan to complete your migration all in one go and perhaps switch over at weekend with no users using your email system then this is the migration type for you.

With this migration style, the MX records (that control where your emails are sent) should be pointed at the new email system so nothing enters the current system. Once that's done run Migration Monster to transfer all of your email accounts in one go.

This type of migration is quick to implement and doesn't require much planning but it does require a period of time where your users will not have access to their email account content. It also doesn't allow much time to test that your users can access everything on the new system and also doesn't give much control over how long the migration will take to complete.

This type of migration works well for small amounts of mailboxes (25 and less) and with a need to complete the migration in a short amount of time.

Staged Migration

With a staged migration you plan to migrate the bulk of the content before the MX records are switched over to the new email system. This means you can start migrating days or weeks before the final switch over. Before switch over the user will have the majority of their data already in their mailbox with the remaining in place after the final Migration Monster pass. This approach works well when larger numbers of mailboxes need to be migrated.

Suggested option 1   QUICKEST

Run Migration Monster copying everything up to the current time and then run your project again to migrate the remaining content after the MX records have been switched over. This is the easiest and quickest method of populating the mailbox before going live on the new system.


 Please note, if the user changes anything with an item (e.g appointment time) or move anything during the migration period, it will not be updated after it's been migrated on the first pass. Users should be made aware of this as part of the migration plan.

Suggested option 2    SLIGHTLY SLOWER BUT SAFER

Run migration monster after unticking all non-email items. After the MX records have been switched over, run the migration a final time with all item types ticked.

With this method, the user can also continue to make any changes they want to non-email items (e.g appointments) which will then appear correctly on the destination after final pass.  Non-email items tend to be very small in size so leaving them to the last Migration pass doesn't add much more time to a migration. Using this method does require a bit more planning but does produce more accurate results on the destination server.


Run migration monster after unticking all non-email items and selecting a date to copy emails up to (e.g 1 month ago). After the MX records have been switched over, run the migration again with the email date filtering disabled and item types all ticked.

With this method, the user has time to delete email items from their mailbox preventing unwanted email content being Migrated to the new system but can also continue to make any changes they want to non-email items (e.g appointments) which will then appear correctly on the destination.  

Please note, on the last pass the remaining emails will need to be copied so the last pass will take longer and depend on the number of remaining days to copy.

Fast Migration

Run Migration Monster after selecting just the last few days of emails to migrate and selecting all item-types to copy.

This method is great if you need to switch to your new email system very quickly and will provide non-email items and your latest emails in the destination system. Once you are up and running on the new system you can then run Migration Monster after filtering to only migrate the older items, untick all the non-email related items like contact, calendar and taasks , then use the Clean Migration to run the migration again. Please note, caution needs to be taken here to make sure all non-email items are switched off and that the email ranges do not overlap or you will create duplicates. Please conatct us if you would like further assistance with this project type.

Part Migrations

Use the email date filtering and item type options to control what items you would like to move.

For example, this is useful if you want to migrate just emails for a certain date or only want to migrate calendar items.


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