• To refresh your project view click on your browser's refresh icon or click on the Migration Monster logo in the top left-hand corner of the page.

        Projects page

  • You can tell when a project is active from the activity column containing the activity icon in green when active or grey  when inactive.

  • The status column will also show the current situation as :-

            New  In progressStoppedCompleted Failed  Paused

  • The projects page will also show you the number of failed and completed mailboxes.


  • The error view on this page shows all errors across the whole project including any system errors.Please note, to view errors specifically relating to a mailbox click on the projects name to view the individual mailboxes and then click the error column.


        Mailbox page

  • The mailbox page can be accessed by clicking on the projects name.


  • The connectivity status shows activity for a specific mailbox

  • Errors during the migration of this mailbox . Clicking the icon will show you detailsPlease note. When a project finishes Migration Monster goes back and tries to rectify any errors it has encountered so please allow the project to finish before reviewing errors.


  • Status of the mailbox
  • We try to estimate the percentage of completion. This or best estimate using statistics from the system but it can be distorted during the course of the migration by variations of the size of items.

  • We query the source server for the number of items to copy but during the development of the system we often found inaccuracies in the figures reported. Rather than not showing the figures (which are still useful to gauge the success of the migration) we display the information but call it an estimate. If the total number of items migrated added with the number of non-transferable items does not match the source estimate, please check the mailboxes by logging into them directly.   You may also need to take into account some errors like the example below:-



  • Clicking the magnifying glass in the far right column of the mailbox page gives you a breakdown count of the items and the folders they were found in.


  • The mailbox detail view is very handy for tracking down any errors.


  • If the system is showing a shortfall on the destination system compared to the source it is worth carrying out a retry of errors or a full project re-run as the project may have been affected by poor connectivity during the migration process. You can do this from the main project page.




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