The specified object was not found in the store.

Causes and solutions

  • The item has been deleted after migration monster Initially scanned and found the item but before Migration Monster attempted to migrate it.
  • The mailbox may have been hidden from the Global Address List. This can be checked if you have administrator access to the system by checking the “Exchange Advanced“ tab within Active Directory Users and Computers.If you don’t have administrator access, you can check if the user is hidden by searching within the Global address book from another user account or by using outlook or webmail (OWA). If the user is hidden it will not appear when you search.
  • This error may also occur if there is a folder containing a backslash \ character. In this case please replace the backslash Character with something different for example a dash - .
  • The folder permissions that the object is in (accessed by right clicking on the folder within outlook and selecting properties then permissions) have been altered and possibly locked down to specific users. Please make sure they are the same as all other folders and have no restrictions in place.
  • Admin accounts used for the migration with insufficient privileges may also cause this error. This can be checked by logging in to the server using web-mail and attempt to navigate the folders and open the items concerned. If using admin credentials, log in to web-mail using the admin credentials and then switch to the relevant mailbox using the option to do so in the top right corner of the web mail screen. If sufficient permissions are in place you will be able to navigate around the folders and open the items in question.