Error: 404 Not Found

One of the following may be causing the problem:-

  • Invalid user credentials
  • If using office 365 then not using the URL  .
  • Exchange/Outlook has not been enabled in Office 365 or no license has been applied to the account.
  • If using an admin account, it may not have sufficient permissions.
  • The email address used for the user id is not the primary address.

Try the following to resolve this issue:-

  • Try logging in using webmail to make sure the login details are correct.
  • Check that the primary email address is being used for the login id.
  • If using an admin account, try accessing via webmail the users accounts through the admin account.
  • If using an admin account please make sure it has sufficient permissions to access the users mailbox. 

Please see our knowledge base article on enabling admin permissions.