Error: Problem in item binding

This error can be reported to Migration Monster by the Exchange server when an item migration has been interrupted.

If the subject name or folder where the item is located is reported to us we will include this in the error.

In the majority of cases when this error is reported the item is usually migrated and appears on the destination correctly.

It is not uncommon for no subject line or folder to be reported in which case we are unable to report any helpful information.

A common error accompanying "problem in item binding" is   " Mailbox move in progress. Try again later., Cannot open mailbox"

Some of our competitors remove this error and do not report it but we feel it's important to inform you there is potentially a problem.  It  may require manual comparison of the source against the destination mailbox to establish if the item was copied correctly.

If no subject or folder details are provided or you see many of these errors within a mailbox migration you may wish to consider re running the mailbox migration by deleting and recreating the destination mailbox and then taking the clean migration option from the mailbox view toolbar. Migration Monster will then migrate all mailbox items again. Please note : If the destination mailbox is not emptied and you take the "Clean Migration" option, you will see duplicates for all items.